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TRENDING: Stop blackheads from coming back...for good!

Why you no longer need to suffer from ugly blackheads. Restore your pores and keep your skin looking flawless.

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o you suffer from blackheads?

Do you get insecure when getting too close to people, fearing that they might see your protruding blackheads?

Or or do you try to cover your face during conversation?

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

Millions of people suffer from unsightly blackheads and whiteheads.

You’ve tried squeezing them and popping them only to leave your face red, swollen and scabbed. Your dermatologist was of no help. So what options do you have left?

1. Keep squeezing, popping and scarring
2. Go under the knife and get surgery
3. Buy over-the-counter blackhead strips


Squeezing and popping

Even though it’s a quick way to rid yourself of a blackhead, you are in fact making matters far, far worse. Squeezing out your blackheads can actually damage the pore leaving you with multiple raised scars. This approach will also most always spread bacteria leading to a more severe breakouts.


Go under the knife

Blackhead extraction surgery. This is a vary invasive procedure that has been known to cause scarring that may require additional cosmetic surgery. Needless to say, this is a very costly procedure that can run upwards of $7500 depending on your condition and amount of surgeries required (typically requires more than one surgery).


Blackhead pore strips

These can make skin conditions worse and can actually increase blackhead production. Not only are blackhead pore strips bad for those with sensitive skin, they are very abrasive, especially if they contain irritating ingredients like menthol. They also have the potential to excite other skin conditions, such as acute skin breakouts.

The drugstore pore strips give the impression of “cleaning your pores” but in actuality they are doing far more harm than good. These strips do a poor job of cleaning out the entire blackhead and typically leave traces behind after the application, leading to inflammation and further bacteria growth.

After you pull the blackhead strip off your nose, you will see partial blackheads pulled out without the root. Your pores are left full of severed blackhead roots as well as bacteria from you breaking the blackhead. Your pores are actually left in worse shape than before you used the strip.

Even though you may have the appearance of clearer skin, this is all short lived. The leftover blackhead roots and bacteria will begin new blackhead production shortly thereafter.

Aghhh but the strips work so well in the short term! What are we to do?

We’ve come a long way in advanced skin care since the “blackhead pore strips” were introduced to teenagers all those years ago. It was a right of passage to peel off one those strips off in high school.

For those of us that are are now a little older and much wiser, we care more about our skin and need a long term solution, not a quick cosmetic fix.

The answer to our problems is Astrid. The latest craze that’s sweeping social media. Astrid is a spa quality skin solution that is unlike any other blackhead treatment on the market. You apply it like a cream. The jet black mineral rich formula goes to work gently and effectively penetrating deep into your pores. It dries in minutes and acts as a sponge, soaking up residual oil from the blackhead and the bacteria it secrets. You end up pulling out the entire blackhead as well as the bacteria it is surrounded in, leaving no trace behind.

This is key to eliminate blackheads permanently.

The results with Astrid Skin Solution are on a completely different level than what you get with traditional drugstore brand strips.

With traditional drugstore pore strips. the treatment is never permanent. In fact, some speculate this is by design, the blackhead strip manufacturers are banking on your blackheads triumphant return, so you can go out and buy more of their product. Astrid’s deep penetrating formula gets to the root of your blackhead problem, eliminating blackheads in as little as a few applications.

Check out these amazing before and after shots from real users:

If you're tired of your embarrassing blackheads that just wont go away, Astrid is by far the best solution for permanently getting rid of of those nasty blackheads and restoring your skin in the process.

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