Greatest Breakthrough In Hair Growth History That’s Sweeping The Markets

Scientists and doctors are calling this the BIGGEST breakthrough in hair loss history.  

It doesn’t matter the gender or age, most people are bound to experience some form of hair loss, if they haven’t already. We’re talking about anything from thinning hair, receding hairlines, and of course, balding.

What if there was a pill that could put the hair back on your head in a matter of weeks?

For years, scientists and doctors have researched hair loss to bring back the youth that’s been stripped away with your hair. Hair loss ‘was’ inevitable… But today, a new scientific formula proves otherwise:

Has the cure for hair loss finally been found?

The Future Of Hair Growth Is Here

It’s called Follicore, an anti-baldness supplement developed for both male and female genders of all ages. Millions are taking advantage of the greatest breakthrough in hair growth history, skyrocketing this supplement to the top of the charts.

Clinical Trials have shown that the ingredients in this pill restart the growth of your hair and reverse the balding process, faster & more effectively than anything else in the market. With an outstanding 98% of users who’ve seen results in a matter of weeks, Follicore is quickly labeled the safest and most effective hair growth supplement today.

I’m sure most of us have spent thousands of dollars on different trick and techniques, promising us fuller hair but ended with little to no results. We’ve been there, and we’ve done that. That’s where we grew. Follicore is the effective formula that has trichologists, specialists and celebrities all over the world using this to re-grow their hair. This is the future of hair growth & restoration.

Follicore, which has no recorded side effects, became the target of critics who said a drug this powerful shouldn’t be sold without a prescription. But was also recognized as the safest and most effective supplement to be sold and made available for anyone in the marketplace.

However… After 3 long years of legal battles, Follicore ran even further clinical studies and trials to prove its safety. Recently, Follicore has been given the green light to re-sell to its customers again through its official site, without a prescription. ”People genuinely suffered during its absence, as there is absolutely nothing else like it available anywhere today.”

Surveys show that most balding men blame balding to be the biggest confidence-killer with women above other physical conditions; a problem that Follicore has solved for many of it’s users.

“We strongly believe that there should be a product that solves the issue of hair loss, not just cover it up. It’s painful to know that you won’t ever have hair again. We developed this to make a difference.” - CEO of Follicore

How Does It Work?

Based on the success it’s had on millions already, the common question that everyone starts to ask is: how does it work? Follicore has stayed at the top of the markets due to it’s heavy hitting ingredients. Follicore’s ingredients are verified as potent DHT-inhibitors, eliminating hair loss from the source. Follicore wouldn’t be where it is right now, if that was all. It’s ingredients have been shown to also increase the bulb size of the hair follicle, resulting in fuller, thicker hair.  

Similar to the prescription medication, Propitia, Follicore uses an inside-out approach that targets hair loss from the root of the problem. Blood from the blood vessels in your scalp feed the root, which creates more cells, leading to hair growth. Follicore nourishes the root and strengthens the hair wires, creating fuller, healthier hair while revitalizing old follicles for rapid growth at the same time.

Hollywood’s All For Follicore

“Countless celebrities admit they are regularly taking Follicore to avoid going bald, or have taken it in the past to regrow hair.”

Fun Fact:
Follicore has been in Hollywood a very long time. Actors and actresses have been using the product since its inception to win their battle with hair loss. Follicore initially sold for almost $600 a bottle! People such Steve Carrell, Beyonce Knowles, and Matthew McConaughey all credit Follicore for their hair longevity and full head of hair.

We Put Follicore To The Test - Does It Live Up To Its Reputation?

Through science-backed facts, Follicore sounds promising. But is it just another one of the many products that sound better than it performs? We had to put it to the test.

We asked around in our team to see who was willing to give Follicore a shot. Our chief editors, Jacob Marden, stepped up to the plate and documented his 8-week progress for this article.

Week 1

When the pills arrived, I couldn’t wait to give them a shot, as I am a 44-year-old male who has been dealing with baldness for the past 15 – 18 years.
I have tried everything in the past, and eventually gave up trying because nothing worked. I have tried Propitia (Finasteride), laser combs, liquids, Rogaine, you name it!
Although I did see a little success with a couple of the methods mentioned above, it was nothing like they promised nor was it anything I was hoping for. I have my fingers crossed that this product will yield better results.

For the first week I took the recommended dose of two tablets a day, before any meal. It’s recommended to take two pills a day for the first 15 days of use, then after 15 days to drop the dosage to 1 per day. This is known as front loading, it is done so one can quickly reach peak blood level and get the ingredients working within the body quickly.

Week 4

I must say I am speechless with how fast acting this stuff really is. It’s nothing short of amazing. I know the instructions recommend an 8 -12 week regimen, but I can say there is a lot more hair on my head already then there has been in a very long time. I waited until today to update this entry because even though 80% of my head is bald, I still do see a barber from time to time to clean up the hair I have left. Let me tell you, the look on my barber’s face when I walked in that door… It was priceless. He was stunned by the amount of new hair growth there was since my last visit. Where it was completely bald before, there was now new ¼ inch hair growth occurring throughout my scalp. So far I was very impressed and could not wait to see how I would look at the end of my regimen.

Week 7

It is week seven, one week before my 8-week regimen is complete and I am sold. Follicore is hands down the best hair health and regrowth formula on the market. It’s no wonder so many celebs kept it hidden away for so long. I can’t believe my eyes, and neither can anyone else. By adding hair to my head, I look younger, feel better and feel new confidence in myself that I haven’t felt in years. For the first time in I don’t know how long, I had women flirt with me! I know that not applicable for all our readers, but I’m single and it feels great. I don’t know if it’s because I look better, or that I just have more confidence these days now that there is more hair on my head. Remember those ¼ hair sprouts I mentioned in week one, well the have all now grown 1- 2.5 inches. I actually needed a trim!

So what do I have to say about Follicore?

There are a million different words I can use to describe Follicore, but the best word that comes to mind is: Amazing. As a man who started to lose his hair in his early 20’s, it’s took a huge toll on my confidence. What’s worse? Doctors can’t do anything about it. I’ve been around to as many doctors that I can possibly see, and their solutions were always these two things: Get a wig, or get some therapy.

Follicore changed that. These pills are the real deal.

Follicore has been clinically proven to:

  • Increase hair growth by 380%
  • Improves fullness of hair
  • Regrow new hair
  • Prevent hair fall
  • Produce shinier, thicker hair

Will This Work For You?

Forget the products that say it’ll give you results. Trust in the product that shows you results. Follicore is the best in hair growth in the market today and it’s better than ever. With years of extensive research, trials, and development, Follicore passed expectations that no other competitor can achieve. It’s the reason why Follicore is the top-rated hair growth supplement.

Don't wait for another Follicore shortage, get yours today before they're all sold out.

Many media critics were questioning whether or not a product this effective should be sold in the market without a prescription. Our verdict? Yes it should be. Proven countless time through clinical trials and tests, Follicore has proved to be safe and effective for both male and females of all ages.

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Although i’ve only been using it for just over a month know, my hairdresser couldn’t stop complementing the quality of my new hair growth.
50 minutes ago | Leave comment
I'm a 35yo healthy athletic male, I've had NO side effects. I’ve been on it for 3.5 month, it seemed take about 3 weeks to really get going. Once it did my hair starred filling in wonderfully. 
51 minutes ago | Leave comment
My mom due to stress her hair went very thin. You could see her scalp After 2 months of the tablets her was back to normal. She did take 2 tablets a day. They work and are Worth every penny.
1 hour ago | Leave comment
Had tried so many things before even pantogar..but nothing stopped my hair from falling..the second day i was taking it my hair stopped amazed!so glad i found it!
1 hour ago | Leave comment
Follicore Hair Growth Supplements really work. It takes a few weeks but it has transformed my hair which was definitely thinning on top. My hair is in much better condition now, and thicker overall. Cant wait to see how I look in another month.
2 hours ago | Leave comment

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