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New Research Reports That Certain Foods Can Be The Source Of Skin Issues

PALM SPRINGS, CA — According to medical professionals in residence at the Center for Restorative Medicine, a revolutionary breakthrough suggests that the cause of skin issues could be easier to fix than previously thought.

Issues such as red skin, dry skin, rashes, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads can have a variety of causes. World-renowned surgeon and health researcher Dr. Steven Gundry has discovered a revolutionary method for addressing skin issues that gets to the root of the problem.

In order to treat problem skin, Dr. Gundry had to examine the diet of his patients and found that many were eating diets that contained lectins, a type of food known to cause inflammation.

Although he is an accomplished heart surgeon, Dr. Gundry knew he could improve his patient’s skin as well. Dr. Gundry found that micronutrients called polyphenols helped to reverse signs of acne and aging.

Dr. Gundry stated, “The patients who come to me are those who want their skin issues to never come back.” With a record of success, he’s confident that his methods will continue to deliver healthy, glowing skin.

“After a few weeks of nourishing their bodies with powerful polyphenols, patients saw skin problems that had troubled them since their teen years begin to fade away,” reported Dr. Gundry. He soon felt as though it was his responsibility to share this knowledge with the general public.

The changes outlined were initially shared with Dr. Gundry’s patients and the medical community, but have now been outlined in a video presentation that has just now been made available to the public.

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